Volume 2

Volume 2 is live! Buy it now on Gumroad! Here's what it contains:

  • Jamie Perconti - Waveform in A (chiptune album made with Beepbox)

  • Vincent Zeng - Be Productive (interactive fiction made in Inform 6)

  • Mark Wonnacott - KOOLTOOL: the first month (pdf documenting a new game-making tool!)

  • Chris Martens - Transfer Points (re-release of a Twine game + process photos)

Volume 1

As an archival issue, Volume 1 is now free on Gumroad! Here's what it contains:

  • Nathaniel Smith - 3 digital poems (poetry made with Prosaic)

  • Tara Copplestone - Cliffords Tower (interactive architecture made with Unity)

  • Jason Reed - Weekend Trains (tune made with Beepbox)

  • Thomas Winningham - untitled (image made with Quil)

  • Jamie Perconti - Bursts (tune made with Beepbox)

  • Katherine Ye - syntax (text processing program made with Haskell)

  • Chris Martens - lovely garden (game/simulation made with LOVE2D)